Digital Art

Brynn Alise entered the digital art space in the spring of 2021 and has sold over 80 1/1 pieces of her photography as well as over 200 editions of seven pieces of her work. You can find her work to purchase here and links to all related pieces on LinkTree – Once an image is sold on the Ethereum blockchain, it is owned by the collector and can not be created again for blockchain. However, the image may still be sold as a  print. These images are available for print in editions of 15 each, so you will see them in my galleries until all 15 editions of each are sold.

Lastest Drop: Hydrothermal

Listed with Transient Labs and minted on Foundation

10 1/1s | .185 eth | 4 years in the making | 60 images edited over 2022/23 | 10 images curated for series

Celebrating my love of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and my focus on abstract and minimalism in 2024

See more the drop page here


Available 1/1s


SOLD 1/1s


SOLD 1 eth (2,800 USD) Collected by DeeZe


SOLD 1.5 eth (2,900 USD) Collected by BatsoupYum


SOLD 1 ETH (1,700 USD) Collected by Buying Your Stops


SOLD 2.25 eth (2,900 USD) Collected by BatsoupYum


SOLD 2 eth (2,400 USD) Collected by Me Llamo Matt


SOLD 1.1 ETH Collected by Me Llamo Matt

©Brynn Alise Schmidt


SOLD 3.05 eth (3,100 USD) Collected by Me Llamo Matt

by Brynn Alise Schmidt


SOLD .65 eth ($897 USD) Collected by Reginal De Le Grarbs


Balance In Nature Conservation Collection (50 1/1 pieces – sold out)

Manifold Editions (no editions currently available)

“Freedom to Roam” edition of  40 – sold out

“Like A Dream” edition of 31 – sold out

“Commitment” edition of 50 total – sold out

“Contentment” edition of 16 total – sold out

“Majestic” edition of 40 total  – sold out

“Belonging” edition of 30 total – sold out

“Moran Reflections” edition of 20 total – sold out

Check the secondary market for any available editions or for my wildlife collection.